GameDrop is a platform that provides games created by both users and LifeCube Developers. You can use your money to purchase different things in the games and also get money from games. Each game submitted by users are carefully looked over to guarantee maximum safety while browsing


WebMod was specifically created by LifeCube for developers. WebMod goes hand in hand with the extension WebMod. WebMod can inject code inside of website that you visit and execute it once the page has loaded. With this site you can get programs that the community has made and use it yourself!


Viraly is a social media platform where the entire world can come and chat into a single chat room. Save posts so everyday others can see funny or intresting posts. Like and Dislike posts so u can put your opinion in such matter!


Phake is a platform where people can come and have some fun while searching through the fake news articles. Purely for entertainment purposes. Nothing posted is supposed to be taken seriously. So let your mind run free!

About Us

LifeCube is the home to many different platforms such as games, social media, and more.

Lifecube ID

The LifeCube ID is a safe way to store all of your data from different sites made by LifeCube and have advantantages over users with out the LifeCube ID. Whether its being able to post on Viraly or play games only for signed in users in Game Drop, you will never have to worry about having trouble with social security on this site.

LifeCube ID shares your sign in information from this site to any other site that was created by LifeCube. This makes it easier to experiance the best sites by us without the trouble of signing in.